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What Others Say

The NASM Personal Training course has given me the knowledge to not only guide people better towards their goals, but also to improve their posture and health, so that my training courses clearly exceed what other personal trainers have to offer.

Theo Verkoelen
Personal Trainer cursist

As a fitness professional, our business is to help people get to their fitness goals. NASM is the gold standard in the industry in my eyes. When I see NASM on an application, I know that candidate wants to grow in the industry and has a solid foundation.

Robert McCullough
UFC Gym Senior Director of MMA & Former WEC World Champion

NASM's Optimum Performance Training® (OPT) model is a very flexible, adaptable system that can be used for any client in any setting with any physical condition. The OPT model helps personal trainers create customized workouts for all of their clients by removing programming guesswork.

Prentiss Rhodes
NASM Product Manager, Live Events