NASM Weight Loss Coach Bundle

Beginner Courses Basic English

  • Certified Personal Trainer – (NASM-CPT) Program – Guided Study
  • Nutrition Certification – (NASM-CNC)
  • Weight Loss Specialization – (NASM-WLS)

Certified Personal Trainer
(NASM-CPT) Program – Guided Study

The Guided-Study Program offers all the resources of the Self-Study Premium Program accompanied by an unprecedented level of support. Upon entry to the program, you will have access to a team of coaches that can guide you, answering questions and offering assistance. The coaching team will be reachable by phone or email and will respond within one business day. In addition, upon entry you will receive a dedicated Mentor who will help you apply what you’ve learn through online discussion forums, and by sharing their professional expertise with your guided study group.

The NASM-CPT program is designed with you in mind. Our systematic, evidence-based approach for designing exercise programs can prepare you to help anyone reach their fitness goals – from beginners to professional athletes.

This and all other NASM programs are founded on principles contained in NASM’s exclusive Optimum Performance Training™ (OPT™) model, the industry’s premier science-based training model.

After successful passing of your NASM-CPT exam, you are guaranteed to land a job!*


Nutrition Certification

An amazing opportunity from NASM, the world’s most respected name in fitness.

CEUs: NASM 1.9

The most comprehensive nutrition program we’ve ever offered.

In this state-of-the-art interactive program, you’ll learn how to put your clients on the healthiest route towards their best selves.

As an NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (NASM-CNC), you’ll have the relevant knowledge and abilities you’ll need to design and deliver top-quality, individualized nutrition coaching for your clients. You’ll be able to use your nutrition coaching skills to increase success in their health- and fitness-related goals.

Increase your skill set – as well as your market value – as an NASM-CNC.

The NASM Nutrition Certification is a non-accredited certification. To maintain the certification, you must retake the online certification exam every 2 years. For more information, visit our terms and conditions.

NASM Nutrition Certification is an excellent complement to NASM’s previous Fitness Nutrition Specialization (program discontinued).

No previous fitness qualifications are necessary to take this certification.


Weight Loss Specialization

CEUs: NASM 1.9; ACE 1.9;

Help your clients feel and look better! As an NASM’s Weight Loss Specialist (WLS), you will learn the secret to long term weight loss success – help your clients lose weight and most importantly, keep the weight off. Learn about the obesity epidemic, nutrition strategies for weight management, how to avoid plateaus and more!

Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Obesity Epidemic
  • Module 2: The Health Effects of Obesity
  • Module 3: Physiology of Weight Control
  • Module 4: Psychology of Weight Control
  • Module 5: Fitness Assessment
  • Module 6: Nutrition Strategies for Weight Management
  • Module 7: Basic Training Methodologies for Weight Loss
  • Module 8: Avoiding and Breaking Plateaus
  • Module 9: Weight Management Myths
  • Module 10: Weight Loss Programming Application
  • Module 11: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities
  • Module 12: Marketing Your Services


Skills You'll Gain

Anatomy Assessment Designing nutrition programs Designing programs Nutrition Management Nutrition Science Physiology Professional Development Psychology behind dietary patterns Weight Loss Working with clients
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